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Handmade glass jewelry. Awesome!


Purple Swirls

Pigeon Plume Pendant



Dot Pendant


It’s hard to get away from the idea of Dalmation dogs when you see whitish grey and black spots. What do you see?



Flowers Pendant

Always a Bridesmaid…

This pendant is actually one of a series that I created for my friend’s wedding. OOAK, for sure!


What is Lampwork?

Do you like gum? It’s one of those you either love it or you hate it kind of things, isn’t it?

Imagine wrapping gum around a pencil. That’s what lampwork is like. It’s extremely hot gum, but instead of a pencil, it’s a steel rod.

To make a glass bead, I melt coloured glass together and then I shape it, decorate it, and pop it into a kiln. There are more steps, but I’m sure your eyes are glazing over now.

What you can do is scroll down to the video of me explaining the process. It’s so old that it’s charming. I think so anyway.

I’ll make a new one soon. I promise!